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How to Choose

It's a bit challenging to choose your perfect shade of hair extensions from a computer screen and we understand that here at VATIFENS. To make the process easier, here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect shade of hair extensions.
1 We provide a hair color chart for your convenience (click here to view the details). If you know what color you want and you're going to have them colored and styled after you buy them, then this may work for you. You can see all the colors online right there and make a choice and be on your way. No waiting for samples and color charts to get the job done.
2 If you are still not sure as products on screen do really have a little color aberration, you can send your pictures to our service email: or you can start a live chat. Our experts will do their best to advise you. Keep in mind that it's better to do your best to match your hair color prior to ordering hair extensions as returning them for new ones may cost too much time.
3 If you are going for a wild color or want to add extra highlights, then you could just buy that online without matching it up. For example, if your hair has a blend of colors in it, it's better for you to choose the middle tone color by blending with the medium tones so everything will flow together. For adding in highlights, simply add in a few lighter extension pieces.
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